The idea creation of group Mandry behove of Foma, known in the music underground of Kyiv on artistic formation "Den vmyrae rano".
Summer of 1999 Mandry performed at international festivals "ROCK-Kyiv" (Kyiv), "PEPSI-SZIGET" (Budapest) and "Slavonic Bazaar" (Vitebsk).
In April 2000, Mandry presented publicly CD-album "Romansero pro nizhnu korolevu".
June 2000 - Mandry takes part in the International Festival of Ukrainian Culture, held in Sopot (Poland).
In November 2000 - edition maxi-single "Ruslky".
May 19, 2002 Mandry with a group of musical groups and artists representing contemporary Ukrainian youth culture, giving a concert in one of the most prestigious clubs in London "Hippodrome".
October 17, 2002 Mandry presented their new album, "Legenda about Ivanka and Odarku".
July 14 2004. Mandry take part in the first international folk-festival "Kraina mrij".
February 1, 2006 the world saw the third full album - "Doroga".
2011 year - album "Svit".In August 2012, the band played two concerts in New York (city Elenvil) and by 47 Ukrainian Culture Festival in Dalfin in Manitoba in Canada, and Foma and accordionist Daniel Denisov in the solo project vocalist travels "Foma-Chanson" participated Festival of Lights in Berlin in autumn 2012.
At this time, the musicians in the studio working on a new album which plan to burn than Ukrainian, a few songs in English. Album release is scheduled for September 2013.